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Using digital printing technology allows us to customise each printed item so that it is unique. For example you can print a customer’s name on a printed item. If you have 1000 customers we can print 1000 similar items but each one will have a different customer’s name printed on it.

This printing technology is ideal for printing direct mail marketing materials.

This type of printing is often called variable data printing (VDP) or variable information printing (VIP).

Studies have shown that personalising your marketing materials to the reader will be more successful than having exactly the same printed material sent out to everyone.

There are a couple of levels of variable data printing – the most basic is like a mail merge, just the recipient’s name and address are changed. The next level is where in addition to changing the name and address you can change other things depending on which group the recipient is in, for example you can print different marketing details for recipients in each different state.

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